Sunday, January 2, 2011


Christmas this year was bitter-sweet. I was so excited for the season and to spend time with the family, but unfortunately Josh wasn't able to be home.

I bought Beau a pre-made (thanks Costco!!) gingerbread house that just needed to be decorated. Instead of me doing it by myself I had my nephews and niece come over and help. They had alot of fun!! Mostly they all ate the candy and licked the frosting off of their fingers.

This year I decided not to go all out with decorations and to not put up my big fancy tree due to the fact Beau would destroy everything! I will next year when he's old enough to understand that he can't play with it. But I had to have a tree. So i got a little 4 foot tree for Beau. I made Goldfish garland and put a bunch of Disney toys on it- Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Handy Manny, Toy Story and some Sesame Street ornaments. Beau loved to look at it and eat the Goldfish that would fall off!!

For Christmas Eve we went over to my parent's house. We ate my dad's homemade chili in bread bowls!YUMMY!! After dinner we opened up presents. We started from youngest to oldest and lets just say the kids were VERY anxious!!! They couldn't sit still and wanted to help each other open faster so it could be their turn! Beau is still a little unsure of what "opening presents". He was more interested in playing with his cousins than ripping the paper, but he had plenty of help!! He got a toy cement truck that turns balls, a MegaBlock fire truck, pjs and clothes. I loved watching the other kids get so excited about their presents, especially the ones I got them!! I have SO much fun shopping and spoiling them.

On Christmas morning, Beau and I headed over to Josh's parents house. His mom always has the most delicious breakfast for us. Beau loved the little weenies!! After breakfast we all opened presents. Beau was a little more into tearing the paper but then once he got his toy he was only into that. Josh's sister, Julia, gave him a set of soft leathery balls. If you don't already know, Beau is obsessed with balls!! He walked around the rest of the afternoon with all three of them... yes one in each hand and one in his mouth!! It was so funny. We all got spoiled!!

 I am so thankful that I could spend time with my family and that Josh's family is so accepting of me, even when he isn't here. Beau and I had a great Christmas and can't wait for Part II when daddy gets home.


Since we have a Zoo season pass, my sister and I decided to venture off to Zoo Lights. I've never been and was SO excited!! We bundled up the kiddos because it was freezing!! Most of the animals were inside or asleep but the lights were really cool!!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Family Pictures

I would like to have family pics taken more often but Josh can barely handle one time a year for Christmas cards!! Since I got a nice camera for my birthday we just take them ourselves. One day I will coax my hubby into taking professional pictures but I'm not ready for what he's going to want in return!!

Friend Christmas Party

This year my besties got together and had an "Ugly Christmas Sweater Party". It was SO funny!!! We looked ridiculous!! Most of the girls asked their moms or gandmas to borrow something but I found mine at good 'ol Walmart!!! Leave it to them to actually sell something like this and for people to actually buy it!!

                                                                             Love you girls!!!

P.S. I had on a snowflake turtle neck with a gingerbread house sweater vest that said... "Happiness is a homespun Christmas"!!!!! What does that even mean?????

What Beau's Been Up To

I'm posting a bunch of pics of things Beau has been doing lately. He has become so active and such a little stinker!! I probably let him get away with too much but I just cant help it, he's just so dang cute!!

While I was setting up for Christmas, Beau found some ribbon that he decided to play with!! I thought it was funny!! He played with it for days until I threw it away because he kept getting tangled up in it and tripping!

Beau loves to read and have books read to him. He loves to point at pictures and say "What?" and you have to tell him what the picture is. And he gets really mad if you turn the page before he is ready or if he wants to turn the page. 
Beau likes to sit in the weirdest places!! He tries to sit in and on top of everything!! His favorite "seat" is this toy car raceway thing. I guess it is kind of shaped perfect for his little bum. 


Lately he has been trying to sit in the dog food dishes... this is really funny!!

He loves to climb on top of any box or the laundry basket when its out. His dad likes to torture him by putting the basket over him, like he's in a cage. Beau laughs for a minute then freaks out! 

      He LOVES to play with the                       doggies...

...And his daddy!!!


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Snow Day

Daddy and Beau ready to play
 At first I was really nervous about the blizzard that was coming last night but was really excited for some snow so we could take Beau out and play. Well.... the BIG blizzard didn't really stand up to all the hype. This morning we had hardly any snow!!! Regardless, my sister and her kids came over to play in the snow with Beau and have Josh pull them around. Josh tied a sled to the back of his 4 wheeler (not enough snow for the snowmobile) and pulled them through the backyard and neighborhood. The kids had so much fun! Beau's first experience in the snow was so funny. He was just so mellow with the whole thing. He even went for a few rides on the sled and on daddy's lap on the 4 wheeler. After a while Beau and Ruby's cheeks were so red my sister and I took them inside while the big boys played for a while longer. After everyone was frozen we all enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate and popcorn. Hopefully next time Josh is home there will be much more snow for us to play in.
Karter running around
Kolton and Beau

Karter and Beau, again with the very enthusiastic face!!

Kolton and Ruby

As you can see, we had a TON of snow!!!

Karter suited up and ready to go

Beau's first time in the snow

Soooo sleepy after a fun day

Monday, November 8, 2010


A lot of my friends have been sharing something they are thankful for each day of November until Thanksgiving. I love this idea. Well because I'm not very good at blogging everyday, I thought I would just make a list of the 25 things I am grateful for.

1. My Husband- Josh and I have been married for 5 years and together for almost 7. Somedays I can't believe he has the guts to stay with me!! He is the most kind hearted, funny, most chill guy I know. He lets me be me, which is hard! He doesn't care how messy the house is or how hairy my legs are or hwo crazy my mood swings get. He loves me!! I am so appreciative of how hard he works for our family. I know his job takes him away from me and Beau and sometimes it is so hard for all of us, but we make it work. And I am so thankful that he actually has a job and one he likes for that matter. Josh is also a great father. It is so fun to watch him with Beau. I already know I am going to have to be the strict parent which means Beau can probably get away with murder! I love you honey!!
Christmas 2009

2. My Boogers- When Josh and I decided to try for a baby was so exciting and scary at the same time. We went on a vacation with our friends to Cancun, where we started "trying". A month later when I found out I was pregnant I was so shocked that it had happened so fast. I was SO excited and freakin scared!! But honesty Beau has brought me the greatest joy I could ever imagine. Every day he does something new. He is growing and learning and becoming such a fun little man. I can tell he is going to be very chill like his daddy. I feel so blessed with him in my life. 

3. Family- I am very lucky to be so close not only to my family but to my in-laws. My parents have been so supportive to me through everything. I love that I get to be so lucky to live the next street over from them. I can't wait for Beau to get older to be able to just ride his bike over to Grandma and Grandpa's house. I am so grateful to be so close to my sisters family. Growing up we weren't the best of friends but now we are! She watches Beau while I work and there is no one else I would rather do that. Beau loves to play with his cousins and I love to spoil them. There are times I see my in-laws more than Josh does!! I love that they have accepted me as part of their family. Beau is so lucky to have such great family to grow up with.

4. God- No matter what religion, beliefs, morals, ideas or concepts I believe in I am grateful to have a higher being that I can turn to. He makes the understanding of life and death a little bit easier.

5. Friends- I couldn't ask for better friends!! We have been together since Jr High- some even before that. They know me better than anyone and still love me! We have the best times together even when we aren't doing anything. I don't know where I would be without my girls!!!

6. My Job- I am so glad I went to college to further my education to get me a great career. I love my job!!!! Some people couldn't do what I do, but I love it. My office is great and so relaxed . I love most of my patients!!! I am more thankful that I get to only work 2-3 days a week and can spend the rest of my time being a mom.

7. House- Although I am NOT grateful for my house payment I am very grateful that I have a place to call our own. It may not be my dream house but it's our home.

8. DVR- I know that sounds so cheesy but I don't know what I would do without all of my reality shows!! It allows me to spend more time doing things I want during the day and then to unwind at night!!!

9. Modern Medicine- Enough said.

10. Kindle- I love my Kindle. When I find time to read I love it. I love how I can just throw my Kindle in my bag and have a million books at my finger tips.

11. Running Water- I feel very lucky to be able to wash my hands, flush the toilet, shower in clean water at any time.

12. Electricity- I have no idea where I would be without electricity. Everything I use on a daily basis needs it.

13. Four Seasons- I am very grateful to live in a place with 4 seasons. That way I get a little bit of everything.

14. Junk Food- Although I shouldn't be grateful for this and what its done to my figure- I am!! I have such a sweet tooth and love candy!! I love foods that are processed and loaded with calories and fat- that's what makes them taste so good! I am fully aware that I may die early from a heart attack- but at least I will die happy!!

15. Coca Cola- Another thing I know isn't good for me but I am addicted!! And of course its the fully loaded one. No diets or zeros for me.

16. Dance- Not only am I grateful for my ability to dance but the opportunity I have to teach dance. I have been dancing most of my life and love it. I have been teaching for 4 years now. I kind of fit the saying- "for those who can't, teach". I know I wasn't the best dancer but feel I have the creative eye to teach and create.

17. Ziplock Steam Bags- If you haven't tried these you need to!! Cooking for myself is really hard and that's why I find myself eating out alot until I found these!! You can cook anything in them and it turns out so moist and tender. So much easier than whipping out a steamer and pans.

18. Nordstroms- OK OK just shopping in general!! But especially Nordy's!! I can't help myself, I need to go to Shopaholics Anonymous!! I am overly addicted. And now that I have Beau, I go a bit over board shopping for him too!!! I like to call it my hobby!!!!

19. Popcorn at The Movies- Ummmmm!! Nothing tastes better at the movies than popcorn slathered with butter. I love to go to movies and popcorn just makes it them that much better. Top it off with a large Coke and I'm a happy girl!!

20. Holidays- I am thankful for all holidays. When I was younger it was the presents, but now it's getting into the spirit and spending time with the family. I love to spoil Beau and can't wait til he's older to understand the concept of opening presents.

21. Coffee and Redbulls- Nothing like these 2 things to get me going in the morning!!!

22. Laughter- I love everything about laughing. The sound, the reason, making people laugh. It's the best way to burn calories. 

23. Being an American- I am proud to be an American and live in such a great country. Although at times it seems like the country is going down a crazy path, I would still rather live here than other places in the world. I am very grateful for the men and women that fight for our freedom.

24. Independence- This kind of independence is being an independent woman. I'm so proud of myself to be able to live the life I do. To take care of things here while my husband is away. I try my best to fully support him and his decisions he makes for our family. At times it is very hard to go out with friends without Josh or have people think I have a made-up husband!!! haha  I do my best to take care of the house, bills, Beau and work while he is gone and try to drop everything to be with him when he comes home.

25. Social Media- This includes internet things such as Blogger and Face Book, texting, email. Anything to keep up on everyone's lives. It's an easy way to see into peoples lives and an easy way to let out emotions. I can't help it, I'm addicted to these things too!!

The list could go on and on, but frankly I just don't have to time to write them all down. But I do try to be thankful for something everyday, just not in November. What are you thankful for??

PS- When typing in 'thankful' to find an image I came across this!!!! It said "be thankful the photographer wasn't on the other side"!!!! SOOOO funny!!